Sandro’s Nyc Restaurant

Sandro fioriti opened his first restaurant together with Tony May in 1985. It came as a disappointment to this amazing chef when his restaurant closed 8 years later. However, the closing of this restaurant did not cause him his passion of cooking roman cuisines that leave a lingering taste in the mouth of his clients. In the mid- 90s he reopened his restaurant again and it also unfortunately closed. Many years later and he has his own restaurant again; the Sandro Nyc restaurant. The third one in 22 years, With the same goal of getting recommended not by the many social media sites, television and YouTube advertisements but by the numerous satisfied customers that eat out every day.

The Sandro Nyc restaurant will not only sever you with food but also with passion, motivation, encouragement and the unending love for that passion you feel is what brought you to this world. Chef sandro certainly has found his reason for living and he stops at nothing to ensure that his dreams are alive and are not destroyed by failure or anything else. This is the kind of place you want to take your children. not only because of the beautiful food that is prepared, but also to show them the evidence of what passion and unending zeal can bring to you.

Sandros has attracted to himself a lot of followers and clientele for his Romania cooking that has been described as full of rich flavor, simplicity yet very exotic. The Sandro Nyc restaurant’s special salad being the highest praised of all the food. The excellent taste and blending of flavors in the foods served is amazing.

Serving a lot of customers at a time, the Sandro Nyc restaurant has a beautiful simple setting that really just brings Rome to you or does it take you to Rome? Difficult to tell. Some people find it overcrowded and a bit noisy but that is what comes with the hustle of having a lot of customers eating at the same place all wanting to share the joy and stories. If you don’t like crowded places, you can always order in and have the food delivered right to where you are.

For the most part the chef prepares the food himself and once in a while goes out to listen to what his customers have to say. Letting you feel that the management cares about your opinions and thoughts about matters pertaining to your food and experiences. The service at the Sandro Nyc restaurant has been praised for being very friendly keen and accurate. It is not one of the places you visit and you are served something you did not order. The waiters are organized and clean. The food they bring you will therefore be straight from the kitchen and it will not have dirt or things like that.

If you are looking to take your date somewhere that is splendid and beautiful, homely and comfortable yet classy and exotic this is a restaurant they will love. Full of flavor and culture yet still maintains a modern day appeal. The price for eating at Sandro Nyc restaurant is fairly reasonable given the high quality food and service you will receive.

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