Loco leprechaun

If there is one place where you can relax and have the best Mexican inspired type of dishes then is Loco leprechaun. With the many plasma television screens, you will fall in the love with this destination especially if you are a football fan like me as well as soap operas that remind me of my dearest daughter who was not ready to leave the place the last we were there. In addition, they have built an antique bar just to add value to the place that has touched the hearts of many. Unlike other places that you will find closed during certain hours, the point is ever open including the weekends as well as holidays. You can visit the place and leave at your own wish without any form of restriction from anyone.

Some of the best dishes that you will enjoy include

i. Menudo soup is a delicious soup that is traditionally made of ingredients like tripe with the addition of red chili pepper, the lime chopped onions and the chopped oregano.

ii. Mexican Longaniza comprises of pork although it is also prepared from turkey or chicken meat. Rice Longaniza is the one of the most loved longaniza.

iii. They also serve enchilada, comprising tortillas, sauce meat and chili pepper.

iv. Chicken soup is yet another most sold dish. It is usually prepared from chicken. The other common additions are rice, barley and pasta dumplings. To add flavor to it, the chefs at times use potato, celery roots, zucchini, garlic cloves, black pepper and tomatoes.

v. Cemita sandwich, which is a form of bread roll, covered with the sesame seeds. Some of its other ingredients are eggs, avocado, white cheese, onions as well as red sauce.
Everyone would love to spend time at a place where you find comfort at the same time feel secure. This is exactly what Loco leprechaun works to achieve day and night. The staff is simply one of the best people you can ever meet anywhere else. Who would not like a place where customer’s satisfaction is one of the driving forces of the management team?
Payment is not a complicated thing that will take you hours queuing when you should be enjoying your favorite dishes. You can pay using your credit cards or cash depending on the convenience on your side. The prices for different foods and drinks are pocket friendly. During the festive season, there are special offers that will see you have the best time at the cheapest cost you are not likely to find anywhere else in the world. You can surprise the love of your life with the best Mexican dishes on his or her birthday as well as Valentine’s Day by taking them to this venue.

In summary, loco leprechaun is the one of the corners of paradise when it comes to Mexican dishes. You can have you breakfast, lunch or even dinner at the place at very cheapest prices. Furthermore, the place is open for you to visiting including holidays.

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